Protecting your family and your home is a top priority for you. If you are considering installing security film on your Edmond home or business, it is important to understand what security film is and what it can do for you.

What is Security Window Film?

security and safety window film

Security film is a film applied to your home or business’s windows and/or glass doors to help make them more secure and less prone to breakage. It comes in a clear, transparent film as well as a tinted, heat-rejecting film.

What Does Security Film Do?

The purpose of safety/security film is to make window glass harder to penetrate either by a criminal, bad weather or other accidents. This film reinforces the glass, so it is sturdier. It will prevent the broken glass from shattering and flying into a room where it can harm you or your family.

Safety film will not prevent someone from trying to break into your home. It will, however, slow an intruder down and make it much more difficult to penetrate the glass. This will allow you to call for help and get to safety.

Safety or security film is not bulletproof but will help hold glass pieces together after the impact of a bullet. Unfortunately, there is no “bulletproof” film on the market.

security film against burglars

Security film is a great addition to your current safety plans, such as an alarm system and other security devices. It is not meant to replace those ideas; however, it adds a layer of security.

We recommend adding safety and security film to main points of entry, including glass doors and sidelights around your doors and entry areas.

Call Edmond Window Film to learn more about how safety/security film can help protect you and your family. We offer free quotes in person or virtually.


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