One of the most common questions we get here at Edmond Window Film is how long window film will last, how long will it stay on the windows? In other words, is it durable? This is an important question, especially when you are seeking a return on your investment.

Window film is an extremely durable product. Most window film will last at least 10 years and most likely, it will last between 15-20 years.

A few factors that influence the life of Window Film:

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Location of the film: Window film works great against extreme sun exposure for many years. However, customers need to understand that in hotter climates, like Oklahoma in the summer, on windows facing east or west, the film will wear down quicker. These particular windows on your Edmond home or business will likely need film replacement faster than other windows. Remember, the windows that need film, are the exact ones that get the most sun and therefore ones that need the film the most.

Quality of the Film: When it comes to solar window films, polyester films are very cost effective and work very well. The downfall of these films is that they are not nearly as resistant to scratches and won’t last as long. At Edmond Window Film, we really encourage customers to go with a ceramic solar window film because of the high quality and durability. They are a little more expensive but are resistant to scratches, damage and will last much longer.

The Skill of the Installer: It is very important to have a trained film installer. When you hire a true professional from Edmond Window Film, you ensure the correct adhesion and flawless look. Please, you will get all the warranties offered from our company as well as the film manufacturer.

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