As the saying goes, nothing is permanent except change. The same goes with window film. Window film is a great product specially designed to provide privacy, aesthetic appeal and even improving energy efficiency for your home, car, or office. Tinting your windows at home or office is also a great way to save money on those curtains and blinds which could leave a permanent mark on your walls. Check out window tint Edmond Ok for more information.

As mentioned earlier, it could also be a way to improve your home or office’s energy efficiency. Did you know there are insulating window films that can block out the sun’s heat to keep a room cool? It is an excellent way to combat that summer heat outside at the same time-saving money on air conditioning costs. The same goes with your car since window film can block harmful UV rays from penetrating inside your car which is beneficial for those times you are stuck in traffic during the intense summer heat. If you need professional advice on what film to install, check out window tinting Edmond

There are many types of window films that can provide many benefits to your home, office, or car.  However, like most products, they will not literally last on your windows forever. Though, it can be possible that they can stay in your window for a very long time. 

Here are easy tips on how to make your window films last a long time:

1. Choose a quality window film

The first and most important thing before getting your windows tinted is to choose the best quality window film to use. Cheap and low-quality films will only cost you money in the long run since it is more prone to damage and susceptible to early wear and tear.  Need advice choosing the best window film, check out window tint Edmond Ok.

2. Clean your window regularly

Cleaning your windows is a great way to remove dust, dirt, and any imperfections from the glass. It can also prevent the build-up of dirt which in the long run can damage your window film. To clean your window film, use only a soft cloth or sponge with a soap solution. However, never use ammonia-based cleaning products as this may cause the tint to bubble and discolor.  

3. Protect your window films from sharp objects

Since window films are usually made with a thin polymer material, it can be susceptible to damages caused by sharp objects. In this case, never use abrasive products such as brushes to clean your windows since this could scratch the film. You should not also scrape the windows with any blade since this can cause damage to the film. If you see any imperfections which need scraping, consult a professional first.

4. Consult with a professional

Windows tinting is an investment and when done right, can reap many benefits in the long run. If you are thinking of getting your windows tinted, our 25 years of experience at Edmond Window Film can provide you with the best quality window film and expert installers. We know that window films are not forever, but you can definitely get your money’s worth with us. Call us now, window tinting Edmond!


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