The most common question we get asked from customers is how much money they will save if they install window film on their Edmond home or office. While the answer will vary depending upon the size of the building or home, here is a real world example of how drastically windows and the installation of window film to these windows reduced the electrical bill for a window film client.

cut cost on electricity by installing window films

This particular situation demonstrates how the window film can provide you a return on your investment in as little as 18 months. Not to mention, window film will improve the quality of your life in your home or office while simultaneously reducing the wear on your furniture, flooring and other interiors.

This client had a home built in 2001 and the home was built with standard vinyl windows. The utility bill showed an average daily cost of $8.98 during a 30 day cycle. The total bill for the 2900 square foot home in August was 269.33. After installing the window film on the windows, the bill was reduced to $6.55 daily cost and a total of $216.28 monthly bill.

This is an actual customer that wanted to track the savings she was receiving. She was able to pay for her investment in a little over 18 months with the savings in her energy bills. She is a true believer.

Let us show you how solar window film from Edmond Window Film can save you money, keep your home more comfortable this summer and block out all the harmful UV rays.

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