Solar film for home windows not only protects us from UV rays but also gives us some privacy while we are in the comfort of our homes. It serves various purposes and looks great on building windows as well. When sun protection film for house windows becomes old, or overly scratched, however, it may stress the eye and no longer serve its purpose. Because of this, home and building owners should learn how to remove old window tints using effective methods. In addition, the elements of wear and teak take a toll on window tint, and it, therefore, loses its value. As a precaution, it has to be removed and replaced as its lifespan, therefore, depends on its quality, weather elements, and the quality of the installation.

Reasons for Tint Removal:


Besides looking horrible, the bubbling film cannot be fixed. While most people try filing this by peeling the tint at the point of bubbling they may end up dealing with a bigger mess of removing tint glue and tint portions. It is often caused by failing adhesive, which actually makes it easier to remove with little hassle. If you want to check with the experts on window tinting, check out the solar film for home windows. 


Regardless of the color of your window tint, it eventually turns a purplish shade, and it may be a good idea to replace it. The tint loses its ability to block UV rays, and this issue may, therefore, be more than aesthetic. Discoloration comes about due to the breakdown of dyes and is irreparable. 


Whenever the tint gets old, it tends to lose color, and removing it may be the only option. There may be a need to change the look of building windows, and this, therefore, involves removing the tint when it’s still in pristine condition. This can be messy as the adhesive could still be strong, and this could require tricks on tint removal. Effective methods of tint removal help building owners cut down on tint removal costs. All they need is a can-do attitude, some free time, and the required tools for the job. The tools needed for DIY tint removal can be found in their toolbox or garage, and getting the job done will probably take a single afternoon. While most of the methods of window tint removal involve scraping or using a heating device, let’s take a look at some of these effective methods of removing old window tint.

Hair Dryer

Hairdryers are effective at removing old window tint from house windows, especially in chilly seasons. The heat produced makes it easy to peel off the tint. In addition, finding the right temperature to work with is essential, as too much heat will end up breaking large windows and creating a mess that would be hard to clean.

Steamer Removal

For building owners who may not know how to remove window film, this method may be a good starting point. By steaming the window for a few minutes, the adhesive melts, and the tint peels off easily. It also distributes heat more efficiently and therefore eliminates the risk of burning the tint. 

Solar Peel

Solar peel is a chemical method of removing old tints. It leaves the window sparkling clean, and you probably won’t need a window tint removal spray to clean the windows. Taking necessary precautions like wearing a mask is essential to avoid inhaling the toxic fumes produced by the ammonia solution. You can check out sun protection film for house windows to get an additional idea of solar peel.