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Window Film That Won’t Change the Appearance of Your Home or Business

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Many Edmond home owners believe installing window tint means you must add dark or mirror-like reflective films to their windows. This is unappealing because it would change the exterior appearance.

Thanks to the great window film manufacturers such as Llumar and 3M, there are many ways to reap the benefits of tinted windows without changing the appearance of your home of office. Window tint in Edmond just became very easy!

Heat Blocking Window Film

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Transparent heat blocking window films are designed to block out solar heat which helps with energy costs year round. While completely transparent, these window film options also block out 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. In addition to blocking the heat, these films also protect your art, floors and furnishings from sun fading.

Ceramic Window Film

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Window tinting in Edmond has never been more popular because of ceramic window film. Ceramic film may be a little more expensive than entry level films but they provide superior heat rejection, glare reduction and UV protection.

Safety & Security Film

If your Edmond home or business is on a busy street or in an area prone to break-ins or vandalism, we recommend looking into safety and security film for an added layer of security. Security film is available in a transparent/clear film or also with a slight tint for heat and UV protection as well.

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Edmond Window Film can help you protect your Edmond home or business with solar, security and decorative film. Call us today for a free quote!