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Can I Get Clear Energy Efficient Window film for my Edmond Home?

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We know you have heard about the benefits of window tinting…it is awesome for reducing the heat and glare and even lowering your energy bill. But maybe you are hesitant to install window film on your home or business because you don’t want the tint to make your rooms look dark.  No worries, you can have window film that knocks out the heat and glare without changing the appearance of your windows or rooms. We have clear window film that can do all of this!

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Will Clear Film Block out Heat and Glare?

Solar window films have really improved the last few years. Today’s films do not rely on dye to block out the sun. Instead, they use what is called “spectrally selective technology” to identify heat and UV rays.

When the sunlight hits the film, the harmful rays that cause damage to your skin and interiors are bounced back away. However, the visible light we see and want in our homes is allowed to pass through the film without interruption. Therefore, yes, clear energy efficient window tint provides the same heat and glare blocking benefits as clear film.

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Is Window Film Durable?

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One of the most common questions we get here at Edmond Window Film is how long window film will last, how long will it stay on the windows? In other words, is it durable? This is an important question, especially when you are seeking a return on your investment.

Window film is an extremely durable product. Most window film will last at least 10 years and most likely, it will last between 15-20 years.

A few factors that influence the life of Window Film:

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Location of the film: Window film works great against extreme sun exposure for many years. However, customers need to understand that in hotter climates, like Oklahoma in the summer, on windows facing east or west, the film will wear down quicker. These particular windows on your Edmond home or business will likely need film replacement faster than other windows. Remember, the windows that need film, are the exact ones that get the most sun and therefore ones that need the film the most.

Quality of the Film: When it comes to solar window films, polyester films are very cost effective and work very well. The downfall of these films is that they are not nearly as resistant to scratches and won’t last as long. At Edmond Window Film, we really encourage customers to go with a ceramic solar window film because of the high quality and durability. They are a little more expensive but are resistant to scratches, damage and will last much longer.

The Skill of the Installer: It is very important to have a trained film installer. When you hire a true professional from Edmond Window Film, you ensure the correct adhesion and flawless look. Please, you will get all the warranties offered from our company as well as the film manufacturer.

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Actual Cost Savings with Window Film Installed!

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The most common question we get asked from customers is how much money they will save if they install window film on their Edmond home or office. While the answer will vary depending upon the size of the building or home, here is a real world example of how drastically windows and the installation of window film to these windows reduced the electrical bill for a window film client.

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This particular situation demonstrates how the window film can provide you a return on your investment in as little as 18 months. Not to mention, window film will improve the quality of your life in your home or office while simultaneously reducing the wear on your furniture, flooring and other interiors.

This client had a home built in 2001 and the home was built with standard vinyl windows. The utility bill showed an average daily cost of $8.98 during a 30 day cycle. The total bill for the 2900 square foot home in August was 269.33. After installing the window film on the windows, the bill was reduced to $6.55 daily cost and a total of $216.28 monthly bill.

This is an actual customer that wanted to track the savings she was receiving. She was able to pay for her investment in a little over 18 months with the savings in her energy bills. She is a true believer.

Let us show you how solar window film from Edmond Window Film can save you money, keep your home more comfortable this summer and block out all the harmful UV rays.

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Window Tinting for UV Protection

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sun protection1I am starting to experience the winter blues or winter blahs. Whatever you want to call it, I am ready for spring, summer and SUN! With the warmer temperatures and more exposure to the sun with the new seasons approaching, you probably put on sunscreen when you spend the day outside. However, how often do you protect yourself from sun exposure when you are hanging out inside your house?

There is more and more evidence showing it is still possible to be exposed to even low-level UV rays when you are inside your home or office through a window. This may not seem like a big deal to you but over time, damage can accumulate quickly and can have harmful health issues for you.

There have been several studies that found people who spend a lot of time in their cars or by windows with no protection are more likely to develop skin cancer on the side of their face or body that is exposed.

Invest in Window Tinting For Your Home, Office or Car

So we know it is possible to get sun damage through a window, however, you can protect yourself and your family even if you don’t have on sunscreen. Window film for your home, office or car blocks out over 99% of the harmful UV rays and has been highly recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation as an important part of a total skin care protection program.

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The great news is, we have films that are virtually clear so you won’t have to change the appearance of a window but you are still being protected. All of our films are installed by our certified and experienced installers which makes it very easy for you to protect yourself from UV damage.

We would love to help you protect yourself and those people most important to you!