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Health & Beauty Reasons to Install UV Blocking Window Tint in Your Edmond Home

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If you are like most Edmond home owners, you enjoy having natural light in your home. The sun hitting your face and skin is a great feeling. However, did you know there are serious risks that come from the sun’s UV rays? If your eyes, skin or home’s interiors are exposed to too much ultraviolet radiation, harmful consequences could result and put your home and your health at risk.

This is why your Edmond home needs UV ray blocking window film.

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How does UV Window Tint Work?

UV window tint is a polyester film that is designed to protect against ultraviolet radiation. UV rays are filtered out by the film while visible light transmits through the film. UV film comes in many shades from clear to a tinted film. All of these film block out 99% of the harmful UV rays.

UV window tint prevents skin cancer! The American Cancer Society recommends UV window tint for skin cancer prevention.  Because this film is very transparent, you do not have to change the appearance of your windows or your home. Your home’s beauty will remain unchanged. UV window film will also save you money because it will lower your energy costs and keep you from having to replace your furnishings and flooring due to fading.

Protect Your Home & family from UV Rays

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