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Window Tinting: A Stylish Way To Improve Your Home’s Privacy

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Living in a city that’s constantly bustling with activity can be tough. With lots of people passing by every day, it’s important to find ways to limit the visual distractions so you can focus on your daily routine. Fortunately, there are several ways you can improve your privacy and keep prying eyes at bay. One easy way is by installing a privacy tint for home windows. Installing a privacy tint for home windows is also a cost-effective way to reduce the amount of sun glare that comes into your home. 

Here’s everything you need to know about window tinting, from benefits to the types of films you can choose from.

Types of Window Films

There are many types of window films and each has unique qualities that make them ideal for different situations.  Here are some of the most common home window privacy film types to consider.

  • Decorative films 

These are window tints where you can add your own style to add interest to your home. You can utilize scenery or patterns to transform ordinary glass into a work of art.

  • One-way mirror window film 

The film is made from a reflective material that allows people on the inside to see the view outside, but not vice versa.

  • Blackout films 

These films are made using a special material that blocks the light from coming in. They can be installed on just about any glass surface from windows to sliding doors.

  • Frost films 

These window tint films are made to reflect heat and glare. They can be installed on just about any glass surface.

How Window Tints Can Improve Your Home’s Privacy

With the help of window tinting, you can reduce the amount of visual intrusion your home experiences, allowing you to focus on your daily activities with less distraction. With a simple installation, you no longer need to add more blinds and curtains to your windows.

Other Benefits of Window Tinting

  • Improves Energy Efficiency

High-efficiency window films can reduce solar heat gain by 50–75%. This means you keep your home cooler and save on your energy bill. 

  • Less Maintenance

Window tints require less maintenance compared to installing blinds, curtains, or other window coverings. This is because they are less prone to being damaged. No need to call for expensive cleaning maintenance. With only proper care and cleaning maintenance on your end, it can stay in your windows for a very long time.

  • Increases Home Value

Tinting your windows make your home more aesthetically pleasing. And with its energy-saving benefits, it’s a sure way to increase your home value if you’re planning to sell it.


Privacy is an important quality in a home. If you don’t feel comfortable with people in your space, you’re less likely to relax and enjoy what your home has to offer. Window tinting is a great way to improve your privacy and make sure you don’t feel like you’re on display every time you’re doing something inside. Find a trusted home window privacy film company to install your privacy window film today.


privacy tint for home windows

7 Tips to Know Before Going Tinted

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With the bright sun and warmer weather, living in Oklahoma City might be costly as you tend to use and use your air conditioning. Well, in the United States in general since we undergo the summer season. One of the problems we face is the cost of our ventilation and air conditioning appliances. To help aid this, did you know that tinting your house is a good idea to lessen electrical bills? Yes, having home window privacy film would lessen the amount of sunlight that passes through your window and thus lessen the warm effect around your house. Here are some tips you should know before getting a privacy tint for home windows.

1. Window Films and Factory Coated Windows

Before deciding on going to fully tinted house windows, you may opt to retain your glass and put the film into your windows or you change the window by buying a pre-tinted glass window. Of the two, having home window privacy film might be more practical but take note that pre-tinted window glass has very good performance in terms of reducing UV and infrared.

2. Warranty

Always check for warranty options and find out which is best suited for you. Sometimes it depends on the brand of the film and some manufacturers give a 10 to 15-year warranty. 

3. Solar Heat

Know your purpose. If your primary reason is to reduce the electricity bill, go for tints with a low coefficient for solar heat gain. The lower it is, the better the tint is blocking out heat emitted by the sun. There is also a home window privacy film that protects you from UV rays so it is better to ask your manufacturer regarding that. Bonus points if you went to a company that offers a low price for good quality.

4. Durability

An average film can last up to 15 years but if you want to make it last longer, you may ask trained professionals to install the film for you. They use unique adhesive to stick the film into the window.

5. Blocking Colors

Some window films block both heat and light from entering and this will make your room much darker. They also usually block out a specific spectrum of light to allow as much as light through while reducing heat in your house. Look for a film that has a higher visible transmittance value than it does solar heat gain coefficient. This will make your space cool down but still allow light to enter.

6. Reflection

The other to block heat while allowing light to pass is to use a reflective film or coating. These are the films that are non-visible light such as infrared, and can even make your window look like a mirror from the outside during the day and inside during the night. 

7. Overall Tint

Deciding whether to finally opt for window film should also fit your style. There are more decorative films that are being offered. You should also consider this as some films can make your window look etched or stained and will not help you save energy. But if you want a film that helps improve your privacy, look for tints that are darker and also limit heat entering your space.

It all boils down to your problem and a specific solution to it but the best option is to ask the experts. At Edmond Window Film, we have been one of the state’s leaders in automotive, residential and commercial window film installation for over 25 years. If you have questions, call us at (405) 730-6505.