The temps are definitely getting warmer in Oklahoma, we may even have some temperatures close to 80 degrees this week. Before you know it, we will be seeing triple digits temperatures. That is why right now is a good time to invest in sun blocking window film. Edmond residents can install window film to keep the heat at bay, save on energy costs and protect against harmful UV Rays.

Get Ready for Summer with Sun Blocking Window Film

You know the Oklahoma summers can get really hot. When it gets really heat this summer, it is hard for any AC to keep up. Window film puts an end to this by creating a sun protective barrier for your home. This type of window film redirects heat away from your windows which keeps your home cool and comfortable. Sun blocking film is primarily focused on blocking heat but also protects you and your interiors against UV rays that cause fading and skin disease.

UV Blocking

UV window film reduces the amount of UV radiation that enters into your home. This helps protect furniture, carpets, flooring, art and any other household items from fading or skin damage caused by prolonged exposure to UV radiation.

Beat the Heat in Edmond with Window Film

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Solar Control, Energy Savings, & Fade Protection