We have been talking about the many advantages of having a home window security film in our house. While we already know its ability to reduce glare and save costs, we will discuss its safety benefits in this article. Security window film for homes retains shattered glass throughout the lifespan of your window, protecting its occupants from personal injuries and stopping broken glass from damaging interior surfaces. Home window security film has a protective coating that is applied directly onto the surface of standard glass windows and provides protection against damage caused by impacts. Here is the top list of why investing in security window film for homes is the best move ever.

Accident Protection

As glass shatters into sharp pieces that are dangerous to people and property, safety window films offer protection against the hazards by reducing the risk of injury caused by broken glass shards. Having safety window films mitigates the danger posed by broken glass. The engineered safety film adheres firmly to the surface of the glass, keeping the glass together and preventing it from flying away.  

Protection from Crime and Vandalism

Bad people sometimes crash through the window to gain access to a house or office. Installing home window security film will help deter them by preventing the glass from breaking with the help of shatterproof film on the inside of your glass doors and windows. 

Weather Protection

Storms can create damage to buildings by picking up rocks and debris or knocking down trees which can break the glass on impact. With the help of security window film for homes, it holds the film in place during high winds to prevent it from being blown off. They transfer the force of wind directly into the frame, absorbing and dispersing energy while protecting the glass.

Temperature Control

Most people don’t know that safety film can regulate the temperature of your home or office so it can help you save money on heating and cooling bills. Having tinted security film helps keep out unwanted heat and cold air and reduces glare. In addition, you can control how much sunlight enters your home, whether you want to maintain a consistent indoor climate, or simply save on energy costs during the summer months. 

Offer more privacy

Whether you want your glass to be mostly see-through or opaque, is up to you as you can choose among a variety of different tints for your security window film. This allows you to increase your privacy as a homeowner or a business owner. If there are people walking past your house or place of work every day and looking in as they pass by, you can simply install a privacy window film for extra privacy. 

At Edmond Window Film, security film is a neat product for making glass harder to breach, making intruders use a lot more force and the resulting noise can give you more time to react. Most importantly, safety films can save lives by keeping the glass from windows and doors from becoming sharp projectiles when subjected to major forces and they can reduce the speed at which a bullet or object enters your home or business.