The Different Types of Window Tint For Businesses

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Window tinting is not just for your home. Window film has many benefits for office buildings as well. If you are thinking about adding building window tint, there are several types of film for you to consider.

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The benefits of window tinting for your Edmond office include increasing your employees and customers comfort and productivity as well as increasing safety and security. You will also love the return on your investment as window film helps with the energy costs.

The right commercial glass tinting can also protect people and your interior décor from harmful UV rays.

The following guide will explain the different types of window tint and help you decide which film is right for your business.

Solar/Energy Efficient Films

Window film in your office building or commercial space cuts down on the heat and glare and also reduces your energy consumption which saves you money on your utility bill as well as reduces your carbon footprint. This film not only helps in the summer but effectively locks heat inside during the colder months. Most companies find they have paid for their investment in the first 2 years, now that is a great return.

Safety and Security Films

Window film not only helps you save money and keep you comfortable but it also can make your business safer and more secure. From break ins to workplace shootings, there are more reasons than ever for businesses to make their environment more secure. Safety film helps to deter would be criminals and give you and your employees extra time to get to safety.

Decorative Film

Decorative film comes in many different types, colors and patterns. Decorative film can significantly improve your Edmond building’s design, offer privacy and help to control the brightness in each space.

Some of the decorative film options include frost film, patterns, colored tint, textured film and gradient film.

Let Edmond Window Film help you with your window tinting needs for your office building. Building window tinting is becoming very popular and once you see all the benefits, you will know why!


Why Window Film is Better Than Low-E Glass for Edmond Homes

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During these hot Edmond Summers we are getting, Edmond residents are starting to realize that their AC may not be enough. The main reason for this is because the real source of the heat in your homes during these hot summer months is untreated windows. Solar heat gain through your Edmond windows seeps in at an alarming rate and heats up the air you are paying to keep cool. The two most popular solutions are either window tinting or window replacement with Low-E glass. So which one of these options is better?

Window Film Costs Less than Window Replacement

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Most window replacement will run you between $40 and $55 per square foot. Compare this to solar control window film which is between $6.50-$8.00 per square foot. You can see the savings starts to add up.

Window Film Is Easier To Install


New window replacement is pretty labor intensive and can take quite a bit of time. Your existing windows would need to be removed; sometimes new windows require new framing, etc. Window tinting only takes a day at most to install by our professional, certified window film installers.

Window Film Has Added Benefits

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Low-E windows and glass are good at what they do, cut down on the heat and glare. Window tinting blocks out the heat and glare as well but has other benefits. Window film blocks out the UV rays, provides residential privacy and can turn any window into safety glass.


So while Low-E windows can block out the heat and glare, adding window tint to your Edmond home provides so many other benefits as well. Call Edmond Window Film for a free estimate and learn more.

How Solar Film Reduces Wear & Tear on Your HVAC Systems

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Solar film for your home’s windows has many benefits, one of them being it helps to offset increased wear and tear on HVAC systems brought on by the Edmond summer temps. Solar film filters the sun’s rays and reduces heat transmission through the glass by up to 60%. It also blocks out 99% of the sun’s UV rays which can cause skin cancer and fade your fixtures and furnishings.

With all the changes brought on by the current pandemic, let’s not add higher energy bills to our stress, right?! Utilizing solar film for home windows to alleviate some strain on HVAC systems is a great solution! Even better news, we have many people who have a return on their investment within 2-3 years….that makes the solar film for your home virtually free!

Edmond Window Film is locally owned and operated since 1967. We provide free quotes in person or virtually. Give us a call today.

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Edmond Residential Window Tinting Benefits!

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edmond signAs August approaches, it is never too late to invest in your Edmond’s home’s energy efficiency with solar window film. Edmond can still be brutally hot in August, September and even October.

House window tinting in Edmond has become very popular because home owners are learning of the many benefits of window film during those hot summer months. Window film also provides benefits in the winter months as well. Window film blocks the UV rays which can cause your furniture, floor and artwork to fade. During the winter months, window film adds an additional layer of insulation to your home.

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If you have your window film installed this summer, when summer returns next year, you can save up to 50% on your energy bills by reducing the hours you need to run your AC. By blocking the sun’s UV rays, window film on your windows allows light into your home while blocking most of the heat gain. We even have film that blocks up to 80% of the heat and glare – Yes, I said 80%!

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Edmond Window Film serves all of Edmond as well as the surrounding areas – we live here and work here! Give us a call today for a free consultation and quote!


Is Decorative Window Film Worth it?

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Buildings and work spaces often become extended living spaces as owners and employees spend so much time working these days. Glass is a very common material in most Edmond businesses. Many times, there is a desire to improve the style, safety and energy performance in these work spaces.  As such, window film from Edmond Window Film goes hand in hand with glass when looking to improve these areas. Decorative window film has been used extensively when looking to update style.

Benefits-of-commercial-decorative-Window-Film-1There are several reasons Commercial Decorative Window Film is a great solution for your Edmond business. Enhancing visual appeal is a big reason people chose decorative film. It is a great way to turn ordinary glass into something special and stylish. Different types of film can be used to evoke positive feelings and happy moods for employees and customers.

Increased privacy can also be gained through decorative film. Decorative window film offers the perfect solution to isolating spaces for privacy reasons without sacrificing light or obstructing views.

There are unlimited design possibilities and unlimited application possibilities with commercial decorative window film. And the best news of all is it is easy, fast and a very cost effective installation.

So the next time you are looking for window film in Edmond, remember decorative window film is a great solution for your Edmond home or commercial space.

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Why Is UV Protection Window Film Important For Your Edmond Retail Store?

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Retail store fronts in Edmond are great with the large windows in the front that allow for displays and merchandising to be showcased in the window store fronts. This is great and the best way for people to see them as the walk or drive by. The only problem with this is the sun has harmful UV rays and can fade the beautiful items you are trying to sell and keep looking attractive to potential customers.

Edmond Window film specializes in commercial window tinting service and one of our great films is fade prevention window film that protects your Edmond window displays from the bright sun. One of the great things about fade prevention film is that it is virtually invisible so your store front windows won’t change in appearance.

uv protectionThe great sunshine is one of the best things about Oklahoma; however, this sun can do a number on the merchandise in your window display. If you want to extend the life of the merchandise in your display and make a great impression on customers, UV Protection Window Film for your Edmond commercial building or store front is a great decision and very affordable.

You don’t want to hide the natural light of the sun as it makes people happy and gives them a favorable impression of the environment they are in. Furthermore, it makes your merchandise look better! With fade prevention window film, you can extend the life of your merchandise. You would be surprised at how quickly sunlight can damage your merchandise, it happens very quickly and without warning.

Let Edmond Window Film help you keep your investments looking their best with window film for your store front!

Contact us today for a free quote!



The Many Benefits of Glare Reduction Window Film for Your Edmond Home

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glare reduction1While many of us in Edmond and surrounding cities are trying to adjust to the “new normal”,  many people are now working from home..for now and maybe beyond. Now that you are spending more time at home, you are looking for ways to improve your comfort and productivity. One problem you may be experiencing in your Edmond home is glare. Glare can be an issue for many homeowners year round. The best solution with reducing glare in your Edmond home is with glare reduction window film from Edmond Window Films.

There are many benefits that glare reduction film can offer. Glare reduction film does not block natural sunlight; therefore, your home remains nice and bright. Glare reducing clear window tint provides a clean aesthetic look that allows you to continue to enjoy the natural sunlight.

glare-reduction-window-film-ft-collinsStrong and excessive glare can cause health issues as well such as headaches and eye fatigue. When glare is reduced, screen viewing activities are much more enjoyable and productive. You will also enjoy better comfort with glare reduction window film. Movie nights and your favorite TV show can be enjoyed much easier.

Edmond Window Film is proud to be considered the number one glare reduction window film contractors in the area. We are happy to visit with you virtually or come to your home for a free consultation. We partner with the leading window tint manufacturers such as Llumar and 3M so we can provide you with the best options for your Edmond home or business.

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Window Tint That Won’t Change Your Edmond’s Home Appearance

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Window tint for your Edmond home are one of the best ways to minimize solar heat, conserve energy and protect your interior and furnishings. There are many window films that don’t change your home’s appearance, keeping windows looking clear and transparent while still providing all the great benefits.

Many homeowners believe that if you install window tint on your home, which means adding dark or “mirrored” film to their windows. Thanks to the great technology of today’s ceramic residential window film, there are many ways to have all the benefits of window film without changing the appearance of your home or windows at all.

Transparent, heat blocking Llumar and 3M window films are designed to specifically block out solar heat and block out 99% of the sun’s UV rays.

Ceramic, transparent residential window films contain micro-ceramic particles to coat the film. These particles are invisible to the naked eye but are highly effective at reducing harmful heat and UV rays. AS a result, your windows gain all of the benefits of a dark or “mirrored” reflective film without changing their exterior or interior appearance.

Window tinting in Edmond, Oklahoma is our specialty. We would love to show you samples and even put a sample up in your Edmond home so you can see what the film would look like on your window. Please give us a call today to learn more and schedule your free quote!


Privacy Window Tinting For Your for Edmond Home

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privacyEdmond Window Film gets many questions from customers about tinting their house windows for privacy. There is a lot of confusion about what exactly can be accomplished with residential window film so hopefully we can help clear things up a bit.

When customers call and ask about privacy film for their Edmond home, they ask about getting dark tint, many times called “limo” tint. It is important to understand is no matter how dark the window film is,  you will still be able to see in at night when the lights are on. We also explain that dark films cause windows to absorb excessive heat and can damage the glass. This is the problem with using “limo” film on residential windows. Extremely dark film on home windows can be risky for this reason.

We like to offer to customers other options including one-way film. One-way film has a dark appearance on the inside, but has a mirror or silver appearance look on the outside which provides excellent privacy without damage to the glass.


Other options for residential privacy window tinting are to install a semi-metallic film for daytime privacy. You can see outside during the day, however, seeing outside at night will be limited. Another option would be to go with a decorative film such as a frost, whiteout or blackout film. These types of film offer privacy both day and night from both directions. Frosted and whiteout films are safe for interior application while blackout films can be safely applied to the exterior surface of the windows unless your glass is single-pane and tempered. Frosted films are great because they offer the privacy many customers are looking for while still allowing some natural light in.

Edmond window film has hundreds of film options to help you achieve privacy in your home. We also have solar, security and decorative films as well. Give us a call and our experts will be happy to bring out our film catalogs and provide a free estimate.


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Can Safety & Security Film Protect Oklahoma Lake Homes From Severe Weather?

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High winds and severe weather can cause a lot of damage to homes and businesses throughout Oklahoma this time of year. When it comes to defending your home or lake home from Mother Nature, there are not a lot of preventative things you can do. Edmond Window Film offers one tactic for protection for your Edmond home or Oklahoma Lake home. Home Safety and Security film provides several benefits that property owners can benefit from.

Lake home security film provides many benefits including severe weather protection. Safety and security film bonds the glass fragments together after impact or breakage.  Glass fragments are one of the leading causes of serious injury or death.  When safety film is installed in your home, it adds strength and flexibility to the existing glass in the doors and windows.  In addition to protection from severe weather, it also offers the benefit of preventing home invasions. Safety film makes it much more difficult to gain access into your home; therefore, it works as a deterrent against invasions or burglaries.

Edmond Window Film is the preferred residential and commercial security window film contractor for Edmond as well as the entire state of Oklahoma. We have an expert sales staff and experienced, certified installers that provide a very professional installation experience.

For more information on safety/security film for your Edmond home or Lake House, please contact us!