Light-filled interiors are all the rage right now. Natural light has been proven to improve our mood, productivity, and overall health. However, if you are considering darkening other rooms at home, window tinting is the easy way to do it. The resurgence of darker interiors and homes has triggered a boom in demand for darker window tints. But how can you know which type of window tint will work best in your house?

Here are five window tinting Edmond options if you want to darken your rooms.

Blackout Window Tint

Blackout window films are the most effective type of window tint for blocking out light, making it harder for people to see inside your home. Blackout window tints come in a range of shades but are typically very dark and will cover up any natural light coming in through your windows. Blackout window tints are most popular in bedrooms and other spaces that need complete darkness to help you get a better night’s sleep.

One Way Mirror Solar Film

Mirror solar films are the perfect way to bring more natural light into your home while still keeping the majority of prying eyes out. This type of window tint is great on south-facing windows where the sun comes in during the day. This type of window tint has a semi-opaque finish, meaning that it lets in a decent amount of light without being too transparent. It’s a perfect choice for those who want to see the view outside.

Decorative Privacy Window Film

Decorative privacy films are ideal when you want a decorative look while still wanting enough privacy to feel safe and comfortable in your home. These are the perfect solution if you want to add some style to your windows without completely blocking out the light. They come in many different designs and patterns to suit any aesthetic. Find a window tint Edmond OK professional who can help you find the best decorative window film that suits your rooms.

Rain Glass Privacy Film

If you’re looking for a more unique take on window tinting Edmond, why not give a rain glass privacy film a try? This type of film features small orbs that look like raindrops and can block out light while still allowing some light to get through. They can help darken a room, but still, allow some light to illuminate your interior.

UV-Blocking Window Film

If you’re looking for a more general UV-blocking window film, there are a few different types available. They can be decorative or simple window films that have a UV-blocking feature. This type of window film is perfect if your home location has extremely hot weather all year round. They can protect you from sun damage and darken your rooms enough to give them a more comfortable aesthetic.


Whether you’re looking for a more decorative privacy film, a blackout UV window film, or something in between, there is a window tint out there for you to darken your home. Make sure to work with a reliable window tint Edmond OK professional who can provide you with a range of window film options that suit every aesthetic and need.