Exposure to UV rays can cause harmful effects on us. We can get protection from UV rays by investing in good sunscreens and even getting sun protection film for house windows. Not only do we protect ourselves but also our families. Now, let us get to know them so you will be aware and know how to protect yourself.

1. Skin cancer

Most skin cancers appear after age 50, but skin damage from the sun begins at an early age. Protection should start in childhood to prevent skin cancer later in life. More than one million cases of non-melanoma skin cancer are diagnosed in the US each year. We can start having protection in our house by getting UV tint for home windows

2. Premature aging

Freckling, fine wrinkling, and dilation of capillaries are often seen early in the photoaging process. People who sunbathe regularly show photoaging early in life, often before 30 years old. Chronologically-aged skin more often shows changes after age 40 or older. In addition, photoaged skin often develops irregular pigmentation in later years. Both photoaging and chronological aging cause wrinkling and loss of skin elasticity. However, these changes occur much earlier when the skin has been overexposed to the sun. In other words, sun exposure causes premature aging of the skin. 

3. Cataracts and other eye disorders

Eye disorders like cataracts are caused by a change in the structure of the crystalline lens that causes blurred vision. These are also a leading cause of blindness around the world and excessive UV exposure is one of the risk factors in the development of cataracts. Persons who spend more time in the sun may develop cataracts earlier than others. Corneal sunburn in addition grows on the outer surface of the eye, retinal-tissue damage and other eye diseases are also known or suspected to be related to long-term exposure to UV rays. To avoid long-term exposure to UV rays, you can invest in a good sun protection film for house windows.

4. Immune system damage

Skin is part of the body’s natural defense system. Many healthcare professionals believe that UV radiation can alter immune system functions. When UV radiation suppresses immune responses, the body’s ability to fight certain diseases, including skin cancer is reduced. It is also suspected that overexposure to UV radiation also interferes with the effectiveness of immunizations given through the skin.

5. Sunscreens can help

Some studies have shown that sunscreens can prevent UV-induced wrinkling. Applying sunscreen to your skin will cause no harm, instead, it will give protection to your skin against possible UV effects.

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