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Window Film: The Best Way To Preserve Your Historic Windows

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There are several factors why historical buildings and structures are maintained and renovated. These structures frequently serve as a link to the past, representing the culture and history of a city or area.

Installing window film is one of the easiest examples to safeguard your historic property. Since many modern hues are undetectable, they do not detract from the appearance of a historic property. Installing clear, low-emissivity glass or film without discernible color in historically-clear windows to prevent solar heat gain is recommended by the National Park Service’s Technical Preservation Service.

A window tinting Edmond agency, concurs — and ensures that your historic structure will profit from this easy addition,  just like it will provide a coating of adhesive to the windows that keeps them intact and prevents them from shattering in the event that they are ruptured during a storm.

Museums and historical structures should be protected

Many highly prized and well-loved artefacts are kept in museums and historical buildings, and that they should constantly be protected, especially from robbers. Safety Protection Film will safeguard the Museum and Historical Buildings by reducing the likelihood of a window breaking, similar to how it protects it from rupturing during a hurricane or storm. Robbers are less likely to be able to sneak in through a window as a result of this.

Reduce the number of hotspots

Maintaining the right ambient temperature within such a museum or historical structure is vital not just to ensure that the goods within the room retain their worth, but also to provide a relaxed space for visitors. Window Film, on the other hand, may assist maintain a room’s temperature control while also reducing hot spots caused by light streaming through the window.

Glare and Fading Can Be Reduced

As just indicated, one of the most essential aspects of a museum or historical building is the artifacts and historical significance of the items stored within. That being said, it’s critical that the contents of the building are safeguarded. The windows in these areas generally produce glare and fading.

Glare and fading are two factors that can reduce the value of various floors, antiquities, paintings, and furniture, as well as alter their appearance. Solar window film, applied with the aid of window tinting edmond, reduces the possibility of fading, thus preserving the value of the materials.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

More than merely hot spots and discoloration can be caused by light beaming through a window. Many of the museums and historical structures are old or huge in scale. This implies that keeping the heating and cooling of this space uses a lot of energy. By making the rooms more temperature regulated, Window Film may help save money on electricity. As a result, energy expenses will be reduced and funds will be saved for these facilities.

Window Films: An Excellent Solution

Repairing and preserving original windows, believe it or not, is frequently a more durable, cost-effective, and less intrusive alternative. The large number of historic sites may have window film coated swiftly, keeping their authenticity while also avoiding glass breakage, safeguarding interior furniture, and saving energy expenses. 

In fact, the Department of the Interior specifically mentions the United States of America Window film, such as Window Tint Edmond OK, in its standards for repairing or maintaining historical structures:

  • When old windows are too degraded to repair, install suitable and energy-efficient new windows that fit the appearance, size, design, proportion, and profile of the original historic windows and are also durable, repairable, and recyclable.
  • Replacing broken windows with new, energy-efficient windows that are both suitable for the historic building’s design and enduring, fixable, and replaceable.
  • When feasible, and only if the original charm can be preserved, retrofitting old windows with high-performance glass or transparent film.
  • Historic steel windows and curtain-wall systems are being retrofitted to increase thermal performance without sacrificing their charm.
  • To limit solar heat gain, clear, low-emissivity (low-e) glass or film with no visible color is used in historically transparent windows.
  • When replacing glazing panels on traditionally dark-tinted windows, use a slightly lighter shade of the same color tint to increase daylighting.



Window film is a great way to preserve your historic windows. It’s also a great way to improve the energy efficiency of your home. If you’re interested in learning more about window film, please contact us today. We would be happy to answer any of your questions or provide you with a free estimate.

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Signs You Should Replace your Office Window Film

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While window films generally last for a long time, they can also fail when damaged. So, when you start seeing signs that your window film is no longer doing its job, it’s time to consider looking for a window tinting Edmond replacement. However, it’s not always easy to determine when it’s time to replace your window film.  Luckily, there are telltale signs you can watch out which will indicate it’s time to look for a window tint Edmond OK.

Here are some of the most common signs that indicate it’s time for a replacement.

The tint is bubbling or peeling.

Window films that are starting to bubble or peel are a clear sign that they need to be replaced. This is generally caused by either the film being old or by damage to the window.

Your office is in an area susceptible to extreme weather conditions.

In some cases, the climate of the area in which your office is located can affect your window tint. For example, if you live near a coast that experiences high winds, it may cause damage to your windows and peel off some of the films. If your window is also exposed to a lot of direct sunlight, the heat may also cause discoloration or bubbles in your window film.

You notice any deterioration in quality or appearance with your film.

If you notice any deterioration in quality or appearance with your film, it’s a clear sign that it needs a window tinting Edmond replacement. Window tints are sometimes used for business and company branding, and if the tint starts to look faded or old, it can give a bad impression to your customers.

The adhesive applied during installation no longer adheres properly to the window frame or glass pane.

Window films are typically installed with an adhesive. If the adhesive starts to lose its grip and no longer sticks properly to the window frame or glass pane, it’s a sign that the film is no longer effective.

You want to change the look or feel of your office space.

Sometimes, we just want a change in the office. If you’ve been wanting to change the look or feel of your office space, replacing your window film is a great way to do it without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for a more modern look, you can go with a darker tint that blocks out more of the sun’s rays. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more open feel to your office space, then lighter tints might be better suited for your needs.


Window films can last for a long time if they’re taken care of properly, but there may come a time when they need to be replaced. If you start seeing any of the signs it might be time to replace your window film. Keep in mind that the replacement process doesn’t have to be difficult – there are a lot of great options out there that can give your office space a new look and feel. Find a certified, highly-trained, and experienced window tint Edmond OK installer.

Make Your Windows Shine with These Window Cleaning Tips

Make Your Windows Shine with These Window Cleaning Tips

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For many homeowners, maintaining clean-looking windows is often overlooked. There is value in clean windows and more importantly, there are significant reasons why you should keep them clean. 

For instance, if you have installed a window tint in Edmond, OK, cleaning your windows will prevent the tint from becoming discolored or worn down. Window tinting Edmond requires proper maintenance to keep the tint and the glass from degradation. Clean windows also improve the heating efficiency of your home. On a hot summer day, this could be an important factor in keeping cool and lowering energy use.

Cleaning your windows is often a tiresome task, but with the tips and tricks provided in this article, you’ll have them looking streak-free in no time.

Use glass cleaners that don’t leave streaks.

Not all glass cleaners are formulated the same. Make sure to pick an ammonia-free cleaner that does not streak on your windows. Also, avoid cleaners that have alcohol content. Try to look for glass cleaners that have a mild soap base as they do not leave too much of a film on the glass.

Please keep in mind that some window cleaners might work well for one type of window surface and not so well on others.

Never use a sharp blade or razor to remove any materials stuck on the glass.

It might be too tempting to scrape off stuck-on materials from a glass window using a sharp blade but try not to as they can cause scratches and leave the glass looking old and dirty. No matter how stubborn the materials may seem, it is best to wait and allow the glass cleaner to do its job.

Use a squeegee or lint-free wipe.

When it comes to cleaning windows, an old t-shirt doesn’t cut it. Lint found in textiles can cling to the glass and leave it with an undesirable texture. Sometimes, they can even cause scratches on your window. Instead, opt for a squeegee or use a lint-free wipe to clean your windows with ease. Not only are they better at cleaning, but they also help prevent excess moisture from getting on other areas of your window and hardwood floors.

Contact a window tinting Edmond professional.

Window tinting professionals have the equipment and expertise to clean your windows and check for signs of damage. While window tints are considered a good investment since they last a long time, it is best to have a professional check them regularly for any signs of wear and tear. In addition, it is also a good idea to have professionals check your windows regularly to make sure they are clean and free of damage.


Keeping your windows clean and streak-free is not as difficult as it may seem.  With the right glass cleaning solution and cleaning tools, you should be able to get your windows shining in no time. If you come across any problems, or if you are looking for an expert for your window tints, a Edmond OK  window tint professional can find the most suitable cleaning solutions for your windows.

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Is Window Film Permanent?

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A window film is a great way to keep your windows looking clean, while also protecting against the sun’s harmful UV rays. They allow you to control the amount of sunlight coming into a room but don’t necessarily need it completely blacked out. It’s also an effective way to hold shattered glass together in the event of a breakage. But is window film permanent?

If you have been browsing for a new window tint Edmond OK, you may have come across the term “permanent window film.” But what does that mean? Is it a type of tint you can just remove later if you decide you don’t like it? Or is it a more permanent solution?

Window films are not typically considered permanent. However, with the advancement of technology, you will find many window tinting Edmond that lasts for a long time, which is why many people consider it permanent. If the window tinting of Edmond has been done professionally and is being maintained properly, it is said that it would even last 20 years or more!

What are some of the emerging trends in window film technology that makes it last longer?

Window film typically lasts a long time because of the high-quality materials that are used in its development. As technology advances, there are often new products introduced to take advantage of these advancements and create even longer-lasting window films.

Photochromic Technology

Photochromic window films change color in response to sunlight and UV rays, so it darkens with the intensity of the sun’s light. It works by using a special dye that responds specifically to ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths. With this, your windows can change color and be fully tinted without the use of electricity. This is an energy-saving technology that also keeps the window film lasting longer as it is responsive to different weather conditions.

Intelligent Glass Control

Window films with intelligent glass control can detect the level of light in a room and then adjust the tint or transparency of the film accordingly. Acrylic screens, existing glass windows, partitions, plexiglass, and any other transparent surface may be easily transformed for safety and security reasons with this technology.  

This technology is just now becoming available in many places around the world because of its high price point. It’s also tailored for luxury.


As you can see, the technology behind window film is advancing quickly and it has made some incredible advancements in recent years. While window films of today cannot be considered permanent, the technology is advancing so quickly that you may be able to find one with permanent qualities in the near future. With new technologies being developed all the time, likely, window films will only become more permanent with time.

If you are considering installing a new window film, make sure to find a reliable window tint Edmond OK professional to help you out. They will be able to install the window film so that it looks good and works great for many years, with little maintenance required.

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Home Improvement: How long does window film last?

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Installing a window film offers a number of benefits for your home. Some people think that window tinting is only for cars, but it also works well with your home windows, and trust us you need one. Modern home design nowadays features more glass paneling windows since more people are falling in love with the idea of Scandinavian-inspired bright, sun-filled rooms.

Though more sunlight in our home makes it look warmer and cozier, you need to consider the fact that UV rays can penetrate in the windows and can be harmful to our skin. Did you know that even if you are indoors, you need to still apply sunscreen or lotion if you are spending a long time in your sunroom? You may find this absurd since you are inside the house but being exposed to the sun without protection can cause damage to the skin. Good thing is that window tinting can protect you and your family from harmful UV rays. Check out window tinting Edmond for the best window tinting for sun protection.

Window films do not only protect our family from harmful UV rays but also safeguard our furniture from premature wear and tear. This is because excessive exposure to the sun of your wooden furniture can cause it to fade in the long run. So, if you want your precious wooden coffee table to last a long time, window tinting can definitely help. And this does not only apply to your wooden furniture but also to your rugs, carpets, and even artworks. You wouldn’t want your favorite painting to fade right?

Winter is coming and your electricity bill will definitely blow up due to more heating required in your home. Windows that are not tinted can bleed out more heat and can cause your HVAC to work more and consume more electricity. One of the most important benefits of window tinting is being able to conserve energy in your home particularly if it is done by a professional. And in a matter of years, getting your windows tinted can actually save a lot of money due to lower electricity and gas bills. If you are looking for experts in window tinting, check out window tint Edmond Ok.

After reading the above benefits of window tinting Edmond, you probably want to install it on your windows right away. But after thinking about it, you would probably ask yourself how long this window film will last and is it really worth it? Well, we will first answer your second question. Yes! It is definitely worth it. And to answer your first question, window films if done by professionals will last you a long time, probably 20 years or more if taken good care of. Professional installers like Edmond Window Film, the trusted window tint Edmond OK will ensure that only quality and the right type of window film is used for your windows. 

Aside from professional installation, window films can also last for a longer period of time if it is given proper maintenance and care. Check out this blog for tips on how to properly clean your window film to make it last longer.


Can Window films last forever?

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As the saying goes, nothing is permanent except change. The same goes with window film. Window film is a great product specially designed to provide privacy, aesthetic appeal and even improving energy efficiency for your home, car, or office. Tinting your windows at home or office is also a great way to save money on those curtains and blinds which could leave a permanent mark on your walls. Check out window tint Edmond Ok for more information.

As mentioned earlier, it could also be a way to improve your home or office’s energy efficiency. Did you know there are insulating window films that can block out the sun’s heat to keep a room cool? It is an excellent way to combat that summer heat outside at the same time-saving money on air conditioning costs. The same goes with your car since window film can block harmful UV rays from penetrating inside your car which is beneficial for those times you are stuck in traffic during the intense summer heat. If you need professional advice on what film to install, check out window tinting Edmond

There are many types of window films that can provide many benefits to your home, office, or car.  However, like most products, they will not literally last on your windows forever. Though, it can be possible that they can stay in your window for a very long time. 

Here are easy tips on how to make your window films last a long time:

1. Choose a quality window film

The first and most important thing before getting your windows tinted is to choose the best quality window film to use. Cheap and low-quality films will only cost you money in the long run since it is more prone to damage and susceptible to early wear and tear.  Need advice choosing the best window film, check out window tint Edmond Ok.

2. Clean your window regularly

Cleaning your windows is a great way to remove dust, dirt, and any imperfections from the glass. It can also prevent the build-up of dirt which in the long run can damage your window film. To clean your window film, use only a soft cloth or sponge with a soap solution. However, never use ammonia-based cleaning products as this may cause the tint to bubble and discolor.  

3. Protect your window films from sharp objects

Since window films are usually made with a thin polymer material, it can be susceptible to damages caused by sharp objects. In this case, never use abrasive products such as brushes to clean your windows since this could scratch the film. You should not also scrape the windows with any blade since this can cause damage to the film. If you see any imperfections which need scraping, consult a professional first.

4. Consult with a professional

Windows tinting is an investment and when done right, can reap many benefits in the long run. If you are thinking of getting your windows tinted, our 25 years of experience at Edmond Window Film can provide you with the best quality window film and expert installers. We know that window films are not forever, but you can definitely get your money’s worth with us. Call us now, window tinting Edmond!

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7 Tips to Know Before Going Tinted

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With the bright sun and warmer weather, living in Oklahoma City might be costly as you tend to use and use your air conditioning. Well, in the United States in general since we undergo the summer season. One of the problems we face is the cost of our ventilation and air conditioning appliances. To help aid this, did you know that tinting your house is a good idea to lessen electrical bills? Yes, having home window privacy film would lessen the amount of sunlight that passes through your window and thus lessen the warm effect around your house. Here are some tips you should know before getting a privacy tint for home windows.

1. Window Films and Factory Coated Windows

Before deciding on going to fully tinted house windows, you may opt to retain your glass and put the film into your windows or you change the window by buying a pre-tinted glass window. Of the two, having home window privacy film might be more practical but take note that pre-tinted window glass has very good performance in terms of reducing UV and infrared.

2. Warranty

Always check for warranty options and find out which is best suited for you. Sometimes it depends on the brand of the film and some manufacturers give a 10 to 15-year warranty. 

3. Solar Heat

Know your purpose. If your primary reason is to reduce the electricity bill, go for tints with a low coefficient for solar heat gain. The lower it is, the better the tint is blocking out heat emitted by the sun. There is also a home window privacy film that protects you from UV rays so it is better to ask your manufacturer regarding that. Bonus points if you went to a company that offers a low price for good quality.

4. Durability

An average film can last up to 15 years but if you want to make it last longer, you may ask trained professionals to install the film for you. They use unique adhesive to stick the film into the window.

5. Blocking Colors

Some window films block both heat and light from entering and this will make your room much darker. They also usually block out a specific spectrum of light to allow as much as light through while reducing heat in your house. Look for a film that has a higher visible transmittance value than it does solar heat gain coefficient. This will make your space cool down but still allow light to enter.

6. Reflection

The other to block heat while allowing light to pass is to use a reflective film or coating. These are the films that are non-visible light such as infrared, and can even make your window look like a mirror from the outside during the day and inside during the night. 

7. Overall Tint

Deciding whether to finally opt for window film should also fit your style. There are more decorative films that are being offered. You should also consider this as some films can make your window look etched or stained and will not help you save energy. But if you want a film that helps improve your privacy, look for tints that are darker and also limit heat entering your space.

It all boils down to your problem and a specific solution to it but the best option is to ask the experts. At Edmond Window Film, we have been one of the state’s leaders in automotive, residential and commercial window film installation for over 25 years. If you have questions, call us at (405) 730-6505.

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Health & Beauty Reasons to Install UV Blocking Window Tint in Your Edmond Home

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If you are like most Edmond home owners, you enjoy having natural light in your home. The sun hitting your face and skin is a great feeling. However, did you know there are serious risks that come from the sun’s UV rays? If your eyes, skin or home’s interiors are exposed to too much ultraviolet radiation, harmful consequences could result and put your home and your health at risk.

This is why your Edmond home needs UV ray blocking window film.

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How does UV Window Tint Work?

UV window tint is a polyester film that is designed to protect against ultraviolet radiation. UV rays are filtered out by the film while visible light transmits through the film. UV film comes in many shades from clear to a tinted film. All of these film block out 99% of the harmful UV rays.

UV window tint prevents skin cancer! The American Cancer Society recommends UV window tint for skin cancer prevention.  Because this film is very transparent, you do not have to change the appearance of your windows or your home. Your home’s beauty will remain unchanged. UV window film will also save you money because it will lower your energy costs and keep you from having to replace your furnishings and flooring due to fading.

Protect Your Home & family from UV Rays

Call Edmond Window Film to learn more.

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Security Film for Your Edmond Home and Business

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As an Edmond homeowner or Edmond business owner, you work hard to take care of your investment, your family and your employees. Part of this involves maintaining safety and security in your home or building. However, are your current safety and security methods enough?

Alarms, pets and security cameras are all important investments but adding safety and security film to your current system is a very smart decision.

What Does Security Window Film Do to Protect My Home Or Business?

security window tinting

Security window film protects buildings and people from harm by preventing windows and doors from shattering. It protects against break-ins, natural disasters and other security threats. Security film works 24/7 regardless if you are at home or not. Even if the window were to break, the security film will still provide protection by keeping sharp pieces of glass retained in the film. Safely and security film protects against accidents and impact.

Edmond Window Film offers various styles and thickness of security film. There are also some security films that come slightly tinted so it also blocks out the heat, glare and harmful UV Rays. You get the best of both worlds….heat rejection and an added layer of security.

Security Film Great for Your Edmond Business

Security film is great for minimizing safety hazards in the workplace. It is great for retail store fronts as well as high security clearance businesses.

Call Edmond Window Film today to get an estimate on security window film for your Edmond home or business!

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Can I Get Clear Energy Efficient Window film for my Edmond Home?

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We know you have heard about the benefits of window tinting…it is awesome for reducing the heat and glare and even lowering your energy bill. But maybe you are hesitant to install window film on your home or business because you don’t want the tint to make your rooms look dark.  No worries, you can have window film that knocks out the heat and glare without changing the appearance of your windows or rooms. We have clear window film that can do all of this!

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Will Clear Film Block out Heat and Glare?

Solar window films have really improved the last few years. Today’s films do not rely on dye to block out the sun. Instead, they use what is called “spectrally selective technology” to identify heat and UV rays.

When the sunlight hits the film, the harmful rays that cause damage to your skin and interiors are bounced back away. However, the visible light we see and want in our homes is allowed to pass through the film without interruption. Therefore, yes, clear energy efficient window tint provides the same heat and glare blocking benefits as clear film.

Get a Free Estimate

Give us a call or send us an email to start the process of getting more information about clear window tint for your Edmond home. We have certified, experienced installers and we install the best films on the market with excellent warranties.