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Safety Benefits of Security Window Film

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We have been talking about the many advantages of having a home window security film in our house. While we already know its ability to reduce glare and save costs, we will discuss its safety benefits in this article. Security window film for homes retains shattered glass throughout the lifespan of your window, protecting its occupants from personal injuries and stopping broken glass from damaging interior surfaces. Home window security film has a protective coating that is applied directly onto the surface of standard glass windows and provides protection against damage caused by impacts. Here is the top list of why investing in security window film for homes is the best move ever.

Accident Protection

As glass shatters into sharp pieces that are dangerous to people and property, safety window films offer protection against the hazards by reducing the risk of injury caused by broken glass shards. Having safety window films mitigates the danger posed by broken glass. The engineered safety film adheres firmly to the surface of the glass, keeping the glass together and preventing it from flying away.  

Protection from Crime and Vandalism

Bad people sometimes crash through the window to gain access to a house or office. Installing home window security film will help deter them by preventing the glass from breaking with the help of shatterproof film on the inside of your glass doors and windows. 

Weather Protection

Storms can create damage to buildings by picking up rocks and debris or knocking down trees which can break the glass on impact. With the help of security window film for homes, it holds the film in place during high winds to prevent it from being blown off. They transfer the force of wind directly into the frame, absorbing and dispersing energy while protecting the glass.

Temperature Control

Most people don’t know that safety film can regulate the temperature of your home or office so it can help you save money on heating and cooling bills. Having tinted security film helps keep out unwanted heat and cold air and reduces glare. In addition, you can control how much sunlight enters your home, whether you want to maintain a consistent indoor climate, or simply save on energy costs during the summer months. 

Offer more privacy

Whether you want your glass to be mostly see-through or opaque, is up to you as you can choose among a variety of different tints for your security window film. This allows you to increase your privacy as a homeowner or a business owner. If there are people walking past your house or place of work every day and looking in as they pass by, you can simply install a privacy window film for extra privacy. 

At Edmond Window Film, security film is a neat product for making glass harder to breach, making intruders use a lot more force and the resulting noise can give you more time to react. Most importantly, safety films can save lives by keeping the glass from windows and doors from becoming sharp projectiles when subjected to major forces and they can reduce the speed at which a bullet or object enters your home or business.

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Ways to know it’s time to change window tint in Edmond, OK

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Solar film for home windows not only protects us from UV rays but also gives us some privacy while we are in the comfort of our homes. It serves various purposes and looks great on building windows as well. When sun protection film for house windows becomes old, or overly scratched, however, it may stress the eye and no longer serve its purpose. Because of this, home and building owners should learn how to remove old window tints using effective methods. In addition, the elements of wear and teak take a toll on window tint, and it, therefore, loses its value. As a precaution, it has to be removed and replaced as its lifespan, therefore, depends on its quality, weather elements, and the quality of the installation.

Reasons for Tint Removal:


Besides looking horrible, the bubbling film cannot be fixed. While most people try filing this by peeling the tint at the point of bubbling they may end up dealing with a bigger mess of removing tint glue and tint portions. It is often caused by failing adhesive, which actually makes it easier to remove with little hassle. If you want to check with the experts on window tinting, check out the solar film for home windows. 


Regardless of the color of your window tint, it eventually turns a purplish shade, and it may be a good idea to replace it. The tint loses its ability to block UV rays, and this issue may, therefore, be more than aesthetic. Discoloration comes about due to the breakdown of dyes and is irreparable. 


Whenever the tint gets old, it tends to lose color, and removing it may be the only option. There may be a need to change the look of building windows, and this, therefore, involves removing the tint when it’s still in pristine condition. This can be messy as the adhesive could still be strong, and this could require tricks on tint removal. Effective methods of tint removal help building owners cut down on tint removal costs. All they need is a can-do attitude, some free time, and the required tools for the job. The tools needed for DIY tint removal can be found in their toolbox or garage, and getting the job done will probably take a single afternoon. While most of the methods of window tint removal involve scraping or using a heating device, let’s take a look at some of these effective methods of removing old window tint.

Hair Dryer

Hairdryers are effective at removing old window tint from house windows, especially in chilly seasons. The heat produced makes it easy to peel off the tint. In addition, finding the right temperature to work with is essential, as too much heat will end up breaking large windows and creating a mess that would be hard to clean.

Steamer Removal

For building owners who may not know how to remove window film, this method may be a good starting point. By steaming the window for a few minutes, the adhesive melts, and the tint peels off easily. It also distributes heat more efficiently and therefore eliminates the risk of burning the tint. 

Solar Peel

Solar peel is a chemical method of removing old tints. It leaves the window sparkling clean, and you probably won’t need a window tint removal spray to clean the windows. Taking necessary precautions like wearing a mask is essential to avoid inhaling the toxic fumes produced by the ammonia solution. You can check out sun protection film for house windows to get an additional idea of solar peel.


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The Pros and Cons of Getting a Solar Window Film in Edmond,OK

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With the rise of using green energy and becoming efficient and sustainable, builders and remodelers are looking at solar film for home windows as a cost-effective solution for boosting home efficiencies and reducing costs for clients. Applied to the window, sun protection film for house windows acts as a solar shield, blocking up to 80% of the sun’s heat and boosting a home’s efficiency.

Lack of awareness, misperceptions and the small additional cost is impeding the category’s growth. 

Here are the Pros that you need to know in installing solar film for home windows:

  1. Window film can cut utility costs by 30% to 40 % and at $6 to $14 per square foot, making it much cheaper than replacing windows. 
  2. Solar films block 99% of UV light that fades furniture, and with better technologies, now do it without looking reflective or dark.
  3. Films add security and utility programs offer rebates for window films. 
  4. Sun protection film for house windows can make a low-cost new window more efficient compared to other types.

By managing the transmission of UV radiation, far-and-near-infrared (IR), and visible light from the sun, solar film for home windows creates energy efficiency and savings on heating and cooling costs.

By turning away the sun’s powerful rays, building managers and property owners can eliminate hotspots within a building, and insulate windows and glass from heat loss. When it comes to solar heat entering a building, more than half is infrared light, yet over 40% is in the visible light range.

Conventional window films lower both to provide good sun control performance. In addition, there are wavelength-selective films that are now available and designed to block specific regions of the solar light spectrum, from infrared to ultraviolet. These films can be virtually clear, rejecting a very high percentage of IR while still allowing a very high percentage of natural daylight into the interior of the building.

Now, let us see its Cons to weigh things better:

  1. Some window manufacturers warn that films will void their window warranty, however, several film manufacturers offer to match it. So choose your solar window installer wisely.
  2. Certain lites, latches, and frames make installation difficult, and a bad application can leave glass looking bubbly.
  3. Some homeowners may be skeptical of the benefits, which is why it is always better to educate the clients.
  4. It is costlier than normal windows.
  5. Disposal of old solar panels can be harmful to the environment

Still, the future is bright. Aside from the protection solar windows provide, they also give privacy and aesthetics. The choice you make in solar window film has a great impact on the exterior look, aesthetic appeal, and privacy of the building itself.

The good thing is there is an abundance of designs, patterns, and privacy levels you can choose from in solar film for home windows. Older, outdated window films often harshly reflected light, which created real disruption for people traveling near or around the building.

With modern solar window films, the reflectivity can be entirely eliminated, and decorative touches like frosting or shading can offer a unique look and a specific level of privacy. 


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How Security Window Films Protect Your Home During a Storm

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If you live in a storm-prone area, it is important that you take the necessary precautions to protect your home from harsh weather. A storm can cause a wide variety of damages to your home, depending on the severity of the storm. One way to protect your home from storms is by using residential security window film Edmond. These films are made of a special material that resists damage from wind and rain. They also help to keep out crime and burglars. It is even used for security in infrastructures and buildings with high-value targets. In this article, we will explore how window films can help you and your home stay safe during a storm!

What Makes Security Window Film Different from Other Window Films?

Unlike other types of window films, security window film for homes is made up of several layers and it has a strong adhesive so it can be applied to most types of windows. In addition, security window film is designed to adhere even in the event of high winds or heavy rain. It can protect your glass window from flying debris that could potentially get inside your home. 

How long-lasting are they?

Security window film for homes is typically made to last for years but depending on the type of film and the weather conditions, they may last longer or shorter. In some cases, a film may need to be replaced after only a year or two if it becomes damaged or if the weather conditions change and the film no longer protects your home from stormy weather.

It’s important to also clean it properly to ensure its longevity. Here are some tips on how to prolong the life of your security window films.

  • Clean and polish your window surfaces regularly to remove grime, dust, and fingerprints. 

This will help keep the film from sticking to the glass. Make sure to use a cleaner that is non-abrasive and a soft wiper to prevent damage.

  • Be cautious of objects you place near your windows.

Security window films are durable and scratch resistant, but you still need to be cautious about objects you place near them to prevent premature damage. Nothing is worse than damaged window films when you truly need them the most.

  • Schedule a regular professional cleaning service.

Give your security window film a good cleaning occasionally. Professional window film cleaners have the proper tools, know-how, and equipment to get the job done properly. Even if you hire a service that does window cleaning regularly, it is still best to have them come out for a professional cleaning. 


If you live in an area that experiences severe weather conditions, you know that security window films can be a life-saving addition to your home. These films help prevent flying debris and objects from getting in.  If you want to have peace of mind, install security window films in your home. Don’t settle for anything less than high-quality window films. Make sure to hire a reliable residential security window film Edmond professional to install your window film. 

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5 Harmful effects Of UV Rays

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Exposure to UV rays can cause harmful effects on us. We can get protection from UV rays by investing in good sunscreens and even getting sun protection film for house windows. Not only do we protect ourselves but also our families. Now, let us get to know them so you will be aware and know how to protect yourself.

1. Skin cancer

Most skin cancers appear after age 50, but skin damage from the sun begins at an early age. Protection should start in childhood to prevent skin cancer later in life. More than one million cases of non-melanoma skin cancer are diagnosed in the US each year. We can start having protection in our house by getting UV tint for home windows

2. Premature aging

Freckling, fine wrinkling, and dilation of capillaries are often seen early in the photoaging process. People who sunbathe regularly show photoaging early in life, often before 30 years old. Chronologically-aged skin more often shows changes after age 40 or older. In addition, photoaged skin often develops irregular pigmentation in later years. Both photoaging and chronological aging cause wrinkling and loss of skin elasticity. However, these changes occur much earlier when the skin has been overexposed to the sun. In other words, sun exposure causes premature aging of the skin. 

3. Cataracts and other eye disorders

Eye disorders like cataracts are caused by a change in the structure of the crystalline lens that causes blurred vision. These are also a leading cause of blindness around the world and excessive UV exposure is one of the risk factors in the development of cataracts. Persons who spend more time in the sun may develop cataracts earlier than others. Corneal sunburn in addition grows on the outer surface of the eye, retinal-tissue damage and other eye diseases are also known or suspected to be related to long-term exposure to UV rays. To avoid long-term exposure to UV rays, you can invest in a good sun protection film for house windows.

4. Immune system damage

Skin is part of the body’s natural defense system. Many healthcare professionals believe that UV radiation can alter immune system functions. When UV radiation suppresses immune responses, the body’s ability to fight certain diseases, including skin cancer is reduced. It is also suspected that overexposure to UV radiation also interferes with the effectiveness of immunizations given through the skin.

5. Sunscreens can help

Some studies have shown that sunscreens can prevent UV-induced wrinkling. Applying sunscreen to your skin will cause no harm, instead, it will give protection to your skin against possible UV effects.

At Edmond Window film, many of our customers have taken great pride in beautifully decorating their homes while getting protection from harmful UV rays. They also want to enjoy being inside their beautiful home and feel comfortable. Aside from installing UV tint for home windows, one of the things homeowners in Edmond can do to add comfort and save money is install an energy-efficient home window film from Edmond Window Film. Call us now.

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Window Tinting: A Stylish Way To Improve Your Home’s Privacy

By | Blog, Privacy Window Film

Living in a city that’s constantly bustling with activity can be tough. With lots of people passing by every day, it’s important to find ways to limit the visual distractions so you can focus on your daily routine. Fortunately, there are several ways you can improve your privacy and keep prying eyes at bay. One easy way is by installing a privacy tint for home windows. Installing a privacy tint for home windows is also a cost-effective way to reduce the amount of sun glare that comes into your home. 

Here’s everything you need to know about window tinting, from benefits to the types of films you can choose from.

Types of Window Films

There are many types of window films and each has unique qualities that make them ideal for different situations.  Here are some of the most common home window privacy film types to consider.

  • Decorative films 

These are window tints where you can add your own style to add interest to your home. You can utilize scenery or patterns to transform ordinary glass into a work of art.

  • One-way mirror window film 

The film is made from a reflective material that allows people on the inside to see the view outside, but not vice versa.

  • Blackout films 

These films are made using a special material that blocks the light from coming in. They can be installed on just about any glass surface from windows to sliding doors.

  • Frost films 

These window tint films are made to reflect heat and glare. They can be installed on just about any glass surface.

How Window Tints Can Improve Your Home’s Privacy

With the help of window tinting, you can reduce the amount of visual intrusion your home experiences, allowing you to focus on your daily activities with less distraction. With a simple installation, you no longer need to add more blinds and curtains to your windows.

Other Benefits of Window Tinting

  • Improves Energy Efficiency

High-efficiency window films can reduce solar heat gain by 50–75%. This means you keep your home cooler and save on your energy bill. 

  • Less Maintenance

Window tints require less maintenance compared to installing blinds, curtains, or other window coverings. This is because they are less prone to being damaged. No need to call for expensive cleaning maintenance. With only proper care and cleaning maintenance on your end, it can stay in your windows for a very long time.

  • Increases Home Value

Tinting your windows make your home more aesthetically pleasing. And with its energy-saving benefits, it’s a sure way to increase your home value if you’re planning to sell it.


Privacy is an important quality in a home. If you don’t feel comfortable with people in your space, you’re less likely to relax and enjoy what your home has to offer. Window tinting is a great way to improve your privacy and make sure you don’t feel like you’re on display every time you’re doing something inside. Find a trusted home window privacy film company to install your privacy window film today.


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5 Window Tinting Options To Darken Your Rooms

By | Blog, Decorative Window Film

Light-filled interiors are all the rage right now. Natural light has been proven to improve our mood, productivity, and overall health. However, if you are considering darkening other rooms at home, window tinting is the easy way to do it. The resurgence of darker interiors and homes has triggered a boom in demand for darker window tints. But how can you know which type of window tint will work best in your house?

Here are five window tinting Edmond options if you want to darken your rooms.

Blackout Window Tint

Blackout window films are the most effective type of window tint for blocking out light, making it harder for people to see inside your home. Blackout window tints come in a range of shades but are typically very dark and will cover up any natural light coming in through your windows. Blackout window tints are most popular in bedrooms and other spaces that need complete darkness to help you get a better night’s sleep.

One Way Mirror Solar Film

Mirror solar films are the perfect way to bring more natural light into your home while still keeping the majority of prying eyes out. This type of window tint is great on south-facing windows where the sun comes in during the day. This type of window tint has a semi-opaque finish, meaning that it lets in a decent amount of light without being too transparent. It’s a perfect choice for those who want to see the view outside.

Decorative Privacy Window Film

Decorative privacy films are ideal when you want a decorative look while still wanting enough privacy to feel safe and comfortable in your home. These are the perfect solution if you want to add some style to your windows without completely blocking out the light. They come in many different designs and patterns to suit any aesthetic. Find a window tint Edmond OK professional who can help you find the best decorative window film that suits your rooms.

Rain Glass Privacy Film

If you’re looking for a more unique take on window tinting Edmond, why not give a rain glass privacy film a try? This type of film features small orbs that look like raindrops and can block out light while still allowing some light to get through. They can help darken a room, but still, allow some light to illuminate your interior.

UV-Blocking Window Film

If you’re looking for a more general UV-blocking window film, there are a few different types available. They can be decorative or simple window films that have a UV-blocking feature. This type of window film is perfect if your home location has extremely hot weather all year round. They can protect you from sun damage and darken your rooms enough to give them a more comfortable aesthetic.


Whether you’re looking for a more decorative privacy film, a blackout UV window film, or something in between, there is a window tint out there for you to darken your home. Make sure to work with a reliable window tint Edmond OK professional who can provide you with a range of window film options that suit every aesthetic and need.

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Decorative Window Film in the Home and Office

By | Blog, Decorative Window Film

Do you want to create a private environment in your home? Perhaps you require an interior design makeover.

Patterns, textures, colors, and opacity levels are all available in decorative window film. 

These films may be utilized to enhance design while also providing seclusion. Not to mention that, unlike traditional options like blinds or drapes, they may do so without blocking natural light. You can enjoy the advantage of this with the help of a window tint Edmond OK like the leading Edmond Window Film. 

In this blog, discover how decorative window film may be used in both homes and workplaces.

Decorative Window Film in the office 

In the office, open floor layouts with large glass walls and windows have become prominent architectural elements. 

Within a corporation, this approach provides an open style and develops a sense of inclusion and openness. 

However, there are times when confidentiality is required. This is where decorative window film may help. 

Glass Dividers

To create attractive seclusion on glass walls, use ornamental window film.

Beautiful patterned or textured films may alter glass barriers in the lobby of your building or at the front desk to not only increase privacy but also give a sense of flare to your environment.

Closets for storage

There may be some parts in your commercial space that you want to keep concealed.

Storage closets, for example, might seem congested and distract from a workplace’s aesthetics. If your storage room door has a glass inlay, use frosted decorative window film to block passers-view by’s into the closet.

Walls of Glass in Conference Rooms

While standard glass conference room walls provide an open feel, they may also be fairly boring. You may create a personalized amount of privacy with beautiful window film while maintaining a roomy atmosphere.

To turn a blank glass wall into a gorgeous piece of art, choose from a range of designs, textures, and opacities. The possibilities are boundless, from frosted and gradient finishes to geometric and organic motifs.

Decorative Window Film in the comfort of your home 

Decorative window films aren’t just for commercial use. They can even improve the look of your home’s interior. 

Decorative window film may be used in a variety of ways at home, whether you want to add a distinctive element of style or offer privacy where it’s needed.

Cabinets for Kitchens

Flat glass inlays in kitchen cabinets enable you to look right inside the cabinets. If you have lovely dishes to exhibit, this exposure is a good benefit.

If you’d rather keep the contents of the cabinets secret, attractive window film is the ideal answer.

Shower Covers

Shower doors are a common use for ornamental window film. You may provide seclusion while also improving the beauty of your bathroom using frosted glass, unusual patterns, and textures.

Entrance Doors

Those on the outside may see right into your home via your front door.

For security reasons, increasing seclusion at your entrance door might be useful. Decorative window film is a great alternative to covering your classic glass with dark drapes or blinds.


The possibilities for decorative window film range from conference room walls to residential bathrooms. Edmond Window Film, a professional window tinting Edmond will help you choose the best film for your needs.


They are only a phone call away if you have any inquiries concerning your window film installation!

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Does Privacy Window Film Work at Night?

By | Blog, Privacy Window Film

Many homeowners and commercial property owners nowadays are using window tinting Edmond for home improvement and protection from the harmful rays of the sun. It’s even used to preserve historic windows! Window films also provide some sort of peace and privacy during the day. But what about at night? Can privacy window films also improve your privacy at night? Well, the answer is yes, to a certain extent.

To understand why some window films don’t provide the same privacy at night, you need to understand the concept behind privacy window films. Some window tint Edmond OK has reflective features. Window film works by reflecting sunlight and other outdoor light like a mirror, meaning your neighbors or passersby can see their reflection instead of what’s in your home. Daylight is brighter than your interior lights, which is why this type of window film works during the day. However, turning on your lights during the night negates the reflective effect, so people can see inside.

While there aren’t many window films that provide day and night privacy, there are window tinting Edmond options available if you want to have some privacy at night.

Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film is not reflective like traditional privacy window film. Instead, it has a matte finish that blocks light from coming in. This type of window tinting is popular in homes and businesses with a minimalist design. It’s also more affordable than reflective privacy window films, making it a more affordable option.

Blackout Window Film

A blackout window film is the most effective way to block out light. These films are typically made of vinyl and have an adhesive that attaches to the top of your window. While this may not be an appealing window film option for those who want natural light coming in during the day, it works effectively at night. It even blocks out light from street lamps.

Perforated Window Film

Perforated window film is a vinyl sticker that lets you see out of your window without blocking the view. It has low adhesion, and its perforations allow for full visibility. It is usually used by commercial properties to direct people’s attention to the window film’s graphics while limiting what people can see on the inside. The window graphics are striking from the outside and maintain the see-through look from the inside.

Mirrored Privacy Films

Mirrored privacy films are made of vinyl with a reflective surface. They are similar to regular reflective window films but have more privacy options. The mirrored surface reflects the view outside your window and gives you more privacy than regular window film.


Privacy window film can be used to provide privacy, light control, and improve your home decor. There are a variety of different shades and types of privacy window film to choose from. All of the privacy window film types provide different benefits, so you should choose the type that can best suit your needs. If you are in search of a good window film for your home or office, make sure to find a window tint Edmond OK professional who can help you choose the best type of privacy window film for your needs.

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Window Film: The Best Way To Preserve Your Historic Windows

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There are several factors why historical buildings and structures are maintained and renovated. These structures frequently serve as a link to the past, representing the culture and history of a city or area.

Installing window film is one of the easiest examples to safeguard your historic property. Since many modern hues are undetectable, they do not detract from the appearance of a historic property. Installing clear, low-emissivity glass or film without discernible color in historically-clear windows to prevent solar heat gain is recommended by the National Park Service’s Technical Preservation Service.

A window tinting Edmond agency, concurs — and ensures that your historic structure will profit from this easy addition,  just like it will provide a coating of adhesive to the windows that keeps them intact and prevents them from shattering in the event that they are ruptured during a storm.

Museums and historical structures should be protected

Many highly prized and well-loved artefacts are kept in museums and historical buildings, and that they should constantly be protected, especially from robbers. Safety Protection Film will safeguard the Museum and Historical Buildings by reducing the likelihood of a window breaking, similar to how it protects it from rupturing during a hurricane or storm. Robbers are less likely to be able to sneak in through a window as a result of this.

Reduce the number of hotspots

Maintaining the right ambient temperature within such a museum or historical structure is vital not just to ensure that the goods within the room retain their worth, but also to provide a relaxed space for visitors. Window Film, on the other hand, may assist maintain a room’s temperature control while also reducing hot spots caused by light streaming through the window.

Glare and Fading Can Be Reduced

As just indicated, one of the most essential aspects of a museum or historical building is the artifacts and historical significance of the items stored within. That being said, it’s critical that the contents of the building are safeguarded. The windows in these areas generally produce glare and fading.

Glare and fading are two factors that can reduce the value of various floors, antiquities, paintings, and furniture, as well as alter their appearance. Solar window film, applied with the aid of window tinting edmond, reduces the possibility of fading, thus preserving the value of the materials.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

More than merely hot spots and discoloration can be caused by light beaming through a window. Many of the museums and historical structures are old or huge in scale. This implies that keeping the heating and cooling of this space uses a lot of energy. By making the rooms more temperature regulated, Window Film may help save money on electricity. As a result, energy expenses will be reduced and funds will be saved for these facilities.

Window Films: An Excellent Solution

Repairing and preserving original windows, believe it or not, is frequently a more durable, cost-effective, and less intrusive alternative. The large number of historic sites may have window film coated swiftly, keeping their authenticity while also avoiding glass breakage, safeguarding interior furniture, and saving energy expenses. 

In fact, the Department of the Interior specifically mentions the United States of America Window film, such as Window Tint Edmond OK, in its standards for repairing or maintaining historical structures:

  • When old windows are too degraded to repair, install suitable and energy-efficient new windows that fit the appearance, size, design, proportion, and profile of the original historic windows and are also durable, repairable, and recyclable.
  • Replacing broken windows with new, energy-efficient windows that are both suitable for the historic building’s design and enduring, fixable, and replaceable.
  • When feasible, and only if the original charm can be preserved, retrofitting old windows with high-performance glass or transparent film.
  • Historic steel windows and curtain-wall systems are being retrofitted to increase thermal performance without sacrificing their charm.
  • To limit solar heat gain, clear, low-emissivity (low-e) glass or film with no visible color is used in historically transparent windows.
  • When replacing glazing panels on traditionally dark-tinted windows, use a slightly lighter shade of the same color tint to increase daylighting.



Window film is a great way to preserve your historic windows. It’s also a great way to improve the energy efficiency of your home. If you’re interested in learning more about window film, please contact us today. We would be happy to answer any of your questions or provide you with a free estimate.